• The Interior Design Vision of Eilyn Cueto

  • Posted on July 15, 2018
  • Eilyn Cueto

    Whether one of her carefully crafted designs is based on a timeless notion or a current trend, Eilyn Cueto will always do her best to make it work, as long as it is both beautiful and functional. Her goal is to design for the masses, which means she really wants to make sure her design services are available to everyone. Since starting her very own design business, Eilyn Cueto has grown. She now realizes the importance of passion to in her design.

    Above all else, Eilyn Cueto believes that it is passion that guides the soul. It is a lesson she learned that early on, while she was a child growing up in Miami and her father would take her with him to the local Home Depot, where she would convince him she had her mother’s permission to paint her bedroom. He would buy her the paint she wanted and let her go to town. Back home, she would lock herself in her room and change everything about it. Looking back, she realizes that was likely the seed that became a lifetime passion for the field of interior design.

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